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“I’m fifty-nine…it’s great for my spine!”

                        Susie W.  Massage Therapist and Bikram Yogini



“Bikram Yoga bodies are hot!”

                        Geoff P.  Webmaster Extraordinaire and Bikram Yogi



“I’m sixty-eight and I feel great!”

                        Ed T., Retired CPA, Cowboy, and BikramYogi



“We can do things we haven’t done since high school (and much, much, more)!”

                        John F. and Yuki O., Bikram Yogi and Yogini couple



“Hey golfers – great for your shoulder turn; great for your swing!”

                        Jon B., Real Estate Executive and Bikram Yogi



“More strength than ever before – in body and in mind!”

                        Cindy F., Mid-wife, mother, and Bikram Yogini



“After 20 years of marriage, my husband says my body had never looked so good!”

                        Jennifer C., Author and Bikram Yogini



“Bikram Yoga – the sweat that refreshes!”

                        Anthony H., Insurance Agent and Bikram Yogi



“More energy, more flexibility…my husband notices!”

                        Robin B., Mother and more, and Bikram Yogini                          



“Lost 52 lbs. in one year!  Thank you Bikram Yoga!”

                        Raven S., Hair Stylist and Bikram Yogini



“How about 21 lbs. lost in 3 weeks?  What a work-out!”

                        Ralf S., Educator and Bikram Yogi




“Sixty-one and life has just begun…thank you Bikram Yoga!”

                        Yvonne A., Piano Tuner, Alto, and Bikram Yogini



“So healthy…my chiropractor misses me…”

                        James W., Carpenter and Bikram Yogi



“Forty is the new Twenty with Bikram Yoga…looking forward to fifty!”

                        Michelle B., Pharmacist, Mother, and Bikram Yogini – just turned forty!



“More energy, clearer skin, craving healthier food…thank you Bikram Yoga!”

                        Alexis B., Montessori Teacher and Bikram Yogini



“The fountain of youth for mind and body!”

                        Valerie S., Charter School Educator and Bikram Yogini



“Fifty-five and more alive!”

                        George C., Domestic Engineer and Bikram Yogi



“More vibrant, more joyous, less flab…thank you Bikram Yoga!”

                        Diane W., Life and Health Agent and Bikram Yogini



“No more chronic hip and back pain…a life saver!”

                        Pamela B., Happily Retired and Bikram Yogini   



“Better than a vacation…more relaxed than after a week in Hawaii!”

                        Heather V., Holistic Health Practitioner and Bikram Yogini


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