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Dollars we've raised for local causes through our Karma Classes program, launched in August 2011.

Keep coming every Tuesday night for a minimum $5 donation and help that number grow!

Wise Words
"If you follow my unique yoga sequence to the best of your ability, you will live a better, healthier, and more peaceful life. A life that's in balance, and most likely a longer life as well. Your attitude--your entire outlook--will improve radically along with your body and mind. That's what happens when you tap into the incredible potential of yoga."
~ Bikram Choudhury ~

July Newsletter




Hello from Kelly

In this Newsletter:
Studio Schedule
4th of July Holiday Week Schedule
Summer of YogaLUV Challenge
Pay It Forward
Shiny Happy Yogi: Donna Monir
Supporting YOUR health outside the yoga room!
Karma Cleaning Positions OPEN!

Kelly SchraderSummer is here and at BYGVNC it is going to be a summer to remember! Our newsletter is packed with our NEW schedule, holiday schedule, the announcement of our upcoming Summer of YogaLUV Challenge, and invitations to support you in your health and nutrition goals.

The more time you spend with seasoned Bikram yogis, yoga teachers, and those who compete, the more you find that they encourage your participation in the hot room during the hot months. During the summer months our bodies come into the yoga room more flexible and ready to stretch. We are not tense from the harsh weather the winter brings in areas like Nevada County and we are more open to postures and improving our practices. Seasoned practitioners speak of the summer months as the times in which they have had yoga breakthroughs, knots unwind from their shoulders, and a deeper understanding of what the postures can do for them in their daily lives.

We have early morning classes at both 6am and 7am throughout the summer so you can get your yoga in and then your time on the river, ultimate frisbee field, golf course, or wherever your favorite outdoor summer spot may be. For those who want to hit the outdoors and then come in to practice, we have still have our full evening schedule as always. Please come to the room hydrated and nourished and we will take care of the rest.

Please read on, enjoy your Summer of YogaLUV!

Lots of hugs and namastes,

Kelly Schrader, Owner and Yogini
Bikram Yoga Grass Valley / Nevada City

Our Studio Schedule
We made the below changes to our schedule on June 1st. Take note, take a snapshot, pick up a schedule at the front desk. We hope to see you at the studio soon!

Bikram Yoga

4th of July Holiday Week Schedule
We have a condensed schedule for the week of July 4th. Please take note of the changes! Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Bikram Yoga

It's coming...July 7th...Summer of YogaLUV Challenge

  • Choose the challenge that works the best for you
  • Sign up at the front desk
  • Must be present for full class (first breathing to last breathing)
  • All classes count
  • Get read for fun -- The best 3-set class to date, By The Light of the Moon Class, The Golden Yogi Class, Music Class Country Style and Yogabration!

Summer Yoga

Pay It Forward
A new way of handling your account

The Pay It Forward program, with your authorization, will allow us to charge your credit card in $25 increments so that you always maintain a positive balance on your account to cover those last minute necessities like water, coconut water, kombucha, recharge, electrolytes, mats or towels. When your account has been depleted to a balance of $3.00 we will automatically run your credit card back up to a balance of $25. Going forward, we will no longer allow charges to accounts that put students in a negative account balance status.

We have just posted a sign up sheet at the front desk to register for the Pay It Forward program. A receipt will be automatically emailed to you with each credit card transaction performed.

We appreciate your help and support in bringing your account balance status to $0, and hope you understand our mission with the Pay It Forward program is to continue to serve all of our students in the best way possible. Thank you!

Bikram Yoga  Karma Classes

Shiny Happy Yogi: Donna Monir
Our Student of the month!

We're all about celebrating our students here at BYGVNC, and what better way than to feature one of you each month. Many of you have inspiring stories about how you found Bikram Yoga and the positive changes it has brought to your life, and we're excited to share them here as motivation for all.

Q: How long have you been practicing?
D: I have been practicing for almost 1 year.

Q: How often do you practice a week?
D: I try to go three times a week.

Q: What is your favorite pose?
D: My favorite pose  is Dandayamana-Dhanurasana or Standing Bow Pulling pose. Even though it requires a lot of balancing, I think I have improved quite a bit. The first of many times that I came, I always tried to get a spot near the ballet bar - so I could hold on during any one legged poses! I'm still wobbly, but getting better each time.

Q: Where do you spend your time when you are not at the studio?
D: When I am not at the yoga studio, I am either at home, my granddaughters house seeing my beautiful great granddaughters or visiting at my mothers house.

Q: What do you love?
D: I love my great grandchildren - Skylar and Aliyah.  I feel blessed that I am still around to enjoy them. They keep me a younger 65!

Q: What is your favorite quote?
D: "When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." -- Rumi

Q: What advice would you give a first-timer?
D: Don't give up, try just one more time, dig deep!

Q: Say one nice thing about the person who first told you about Bikram Yoga.
D: Jade Larson, my granddaughter, is the one who brought me to Bikram Yoga.  I wish she would go more often, but as a single mother of a 3 and a 10 year old, she is so busy, she doesn't take much time for herself.  I thank Jade for her knowledge of me, my likes and dislikes, and the thought that I might like this experience.

Q: Do you have any yoga goals for the future?
D: My goal for future yoga is to just keep going, keep practicing, try my best, and give it my all. 

Donna's Yoga Story:
I moved from Hot/Humid Houston to this area in 1998 - after living in Houston for almost 25 years. One of the many reasons for moving was that I was so tired of the heat and humidity. I had heard about Bikram Yoga from a house mate in the bay area, but just could NOT get my mind around purposefully going somewhere that was hot & humid and then exercise!! Seemed pretty crazy to me!

My first goal in yoga was just to make it to one more class, then once that was achieved, my goal changed to attending a couple of times a week. I got into a routine of going Monday, Wednesday and Friday pretty soon -of course in the introductory class. Then I figured why not try out the 90 minute class. WOW! Amazing how the extra 30 minutes almost shot that goal down! But again, I thought just keep trying - give it my best and if it is to be, it will.

Bikram Yoga has given me time for myself and my thoughts. Time that I never really took. I think it is improving me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
~ Donna


Supporting YOUR health outside the yoga room!
There are now TWO of us at the studio that are here to assist you in meeting your health goals!

Kelly Schrader, Integrative Nutritionist, EPC
If you've been reading our newsletter for a while, you are mostly likely aware that I have a private Integrative Nutritional practice, EVOLVE. Clients of my EVOLVE integrative nutrition practice are bettering their lives every single day. Everyone talks of changing their lives, but how many actually get there? What's missing for most people is a partner, a guide, a trusted source of information and inspiration for the journey. Your true path to optimal health begins with a clear intention and commitment to living the vibrant life you deserve. When you are ready to claim this transformation, I am here to support you in getting to your destination.

I truly believe that nutritional counseling and a yoga practice go hand in hand, and that the synergy of the two will benefit all. If you've thought about complementing your practice with nutritional help, here are 5 reasons I believe you or someone you know needs to work with an Integrative Nutritionist:

  1. More than 2/3 of Americans are on a diet, or trying to lose weight - but more than 98% of all weight lost on ANY diet is gained back. I work with people in the other 1-2%. Permanent weight loss is precipitated by inner change, shape-shifting on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

  2. 8 out of 10 women are not happy with their reflection, and want to change their bodies. Together we work on addressing body image concerns with a protocol that is soulful, practical, and effective. I dream of a world where 8 out of 10 women love and honor their bodies. 

  3. Women and mothers on the quest for the perfect diet and perfect body are passing on a damaging legacy. A recent study reported that more than half of 10-year-old girls wish they were thinner. I believe it is important for mothers to break the cycle of chronic dieting patterns, so they can pass on a nourishing, pleasure-filled, and empowered relationship with food to their children.

  4. Many gifted healers, practitioners, and dietitians aren't experiencing the results they know are possible for their clients - even if they are prescribing the most beautiful, pure and healthful foods. The missing ingredients include educating people to shift the beliefs that inform their choices and behaviors, and understanding the subtle language of the body. I hear the wisdom of the symptoms of the diseases in which my clients come to me with and facilitate an environment where healing can happen.

  5. WHAT you eat is only half the story. While food is incredibly powerful and a crucial component in health, equally important are the tools and support to access body wisdom and understand the emotional patterns that influence relationships with food.

Your health is everything. From the moment we begin working together, you take a positive step towards a richer, happier, more energized life. Let me help you get there.

This Summer, is the PERFECT time. With the addition of Shannon to our staff and an additional training I attended this year, I am revamping my private practice with additional tools, group programs and support. Through this change, I am offering my services HALF-OFF! If you would like to schedule a complimentary session to discuss your next steps in achieving your goals you can catch me at the studio or send me an email. I look forward to it! 

Shannon Jaycox, AHP Intern and Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Shannon found her way to our yoga studio because she had recently moved to town to pursue a career in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching. She recently graduated from her first year in the program and is available to see clients. If you are interested in learning more about Ayurveda you can sign up for a session with Shannon at the front desk!

Bikram Yoga  Karma Classes

Karma Cleaning Positions OPEN!

We are looking for TWO dependable people that are interested in trading cleaning duties for an UNLIMITED yoga pass. We currently have a position open on Monday morning and on Thursday morning. If YOU would like to join our team, please pick up an application at the front desk today!



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